Home energy consumption has a lot of potential for savings – whether it’s making small tweaks, upgrading your appliances, or making some more significant changes.

In this post, we cover 26+ ways you can start saving energy and money today!

Many of these tips are simple and easy to implement, so get started today and see how much you can save.​

Everyone knows that saving energy can save money.

But have you ever thought about how much energy you use in your house every day?

Do you think there are ways for reducing the usage of energy particularly when it’s applied for heating or cooling?

Can you imagine the benefits if you simply cut back on how much energy your household uses?

What are the best ways to save energy at home?

The answer is YES!

It is by being aware, being smart, and being ready to take up little changes here and then.

You just need some motivation, a bit of time, careful planning, and then all will be good.

Here I am giving some tips that will help you save energy and money at the same time.

1. Go for a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great way to start saving energy around your house.

These controllable units can regulate the temperature of your home, as well as monitor it from any mobile device or computer.

Our favorite is the ecobee3, which includes ambient sensors so you know more about how rooms in your house are being heated and cooled!

2. Install programmable thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money on your bills each month – just set it and forget it!

Most programmable thermostats can be programmed to heat and cool your home at certain times and for specified temperatures.

This way you ensure the temperature is always comfortable, even when you’re not at home.

3. Get a few energy-efficient light bulbs

There are many different types of energy-efficient light bulbs on the market today – we recommend ones made by Phillips or Cree as they have good track records for being high quality while also being very efficient.

These CFL or LED bulbs use far less electricity than regular incandescent bulbs, which means lower bills for you each month!

4. Seal windows and doors

Sealing up all of those cracks around windows and doors may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to start saving energy.

Not only will your house feel more comfortable, but you’ll also reduce drafts and save money!

5. Go for energy-efficient appliances

Having new Energy Star appliances can be a great way to start saving energy at home – they are designed to use less electricity without sacrificing one lifestyle.

We recommend having them professionally installed by an electrician so any necessary wiring is up to code.

6. Install solar panels

Installing Whitsunday solar panels on your roof is one of the best ways to save energy around your house – not only do they generate power that reduces your reliance on the grid, but they also look great!

If you have an efficient inverter, you can even sell your extra power back to the grid and get a credit on your next bill!

7. Go for efficient heating and cooling

One of the biggest uses of energy in homes is heating and cooling.

If you’re looking at ways to save energy, these are some that should be high on your list:

i) turn up your thermostat by 1-2 degrees during winter and summer;

ii) always replace air filters (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, chances are you need them!);

iii) clean or replace furnace humidifiers if needed;

iv) make sure any venting is clear so you’re not losing heated or cooled air.

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8. Wash laundry in cold water

Washing in cold water can be a great way to save energy around your house, although it may take some getting used to!

The amount of detergent required for each load is typically much less when washing in cold water, which means you’ll save money on this expense every month.

Warm or hot water is mostly only required for very dirty clothes or heavily soiled loads, so you could choose to wash these in warm or hot water instead.

9. Clean your dryer’s lint trap after every use

Ensuring the lint screen (or lint trap) is clear before or after each use will ensure your dryer’s performance doesn’t suffer.

If you find there is lint behind your dryer, vacuuming this out will make sure your dryer venting is clear of any obstructions (prevention is better than cure here!).

10. Install a smart thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat can be a great first step towards saving energy at home – they allow you to manage both heating and cooling in different areas of the house on an efficient schedule, ensuring temperatures are always comfortable.

They can also reduce humidity during the summer months, which reduces the load on air conditioners!

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