If you’re thinking about getting into the real estate market, you’re not alone.

The industry is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring investors.

But how do you get started?

This guide will walk you through the basics of getting started in real estate.

Keep reading to learn more!

“I want to invest in real estate,” you say.

“But how do I get started?”

Well, the best way for most people to start is by purchasing a house or duplex and then living on one side while renting out the other.

While this is not always possible (you may prefer to live someplace where the rental property is hard to come by), many of you reading this will be able to make it work.

Today we’re going to discuss exactly how you can put your new real estate business together brick by brick–figuratively speaking, of course!

This article will cover:

What type(s) should I buy?

– How much money do I need?

– Getting a loan

– Closing costs and financial considerations

– What’s next?  

Advice on being a landlord.

A quick note before we dive into this:

If you have experience as a real estate investor or an industry professional, please understand that the advice in this article is geared toward those with no such experience (folks who are new to the business).

If you already know what you’re doing, great!

But if not, keep reading!

Let’s get started.

If you decided to use “How do I get started in real estate?” as a search term and landed here, then our mission (should we choose to accept it) is complete!

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How do I get started in real estate?

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How much does it cost to buy a house?

Our answer is based on years of experience, tons of research, and educating buyers like yourself every single day!

We’ve put together this quick guide specifically for those who are new to buying property.

You’ll learn all about mortgages, down payments, how interest works, private money lenders, credit scores & more!

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Don’t let inexperience stop you from purchasing your dream home!

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We’ll talk you through the entire process.

You deserve to live in the home of your dreams, regardless of whether this is your first time buying or not!

How do I finance my down payment?

This article also discusses how investors can afford their down payments using cash and/or seller financing.

If you would like to find out more about seller financing, then read on to learn what it entails!

On this page, we discuss all the benefits that come with private money lenders, as well as where to find them online.

This will help you get started now!

Seller Financing

Seller financing is when an owner sells a house without requiring any type of repayment before doing so.

It’s one of the more common down payment options that has grown exponentially in popularity over the years.

And it’s also one of the most misunderstood methods out there.

There are plenty of benefits to seller financing, but not everyone knows what they’re all about!

For example, you might be wondering who the private money lenders are and how you reach them online.

If so, continue reading below!

Who (or, what) is a Private Money Lender?

A private money lender is someone who provides financing on their own accord for people who need help with their mortgages.

While traditional lenders like Bank of America provide loans to borrowers through funds they borrowed from other banks or large institutions (and then lend those funds on to you), private money lenders do not borrow any funds on your behalf.

This is why it’s important to secure a private money lender before you begin house hunting, as it speeds the process up quite a bit!

Where to Find Private Money Lenders

If you’re wondering where to find private money lenders online, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you!

Here are just some of our favorite places to look:

#1) Craigslist

Contact local sellers by searching your area for “private money loans” or similar keywords.

Make sure they won’t be turned off by your request (after all, you are asking them for financial help).

Mention that cash down payments will increase their chance of selling their home quickly.

If you prefer not checking Craigslist one-by-one, then try searching with your city plus “private money loans” as one keyword.

#2) Lending Tree

This is another great place to search for private money lenders!

Just enter your information, and they’ll connect you with buyers who can help you with down payment assistance.

Simply fill out the form below:

#3) Google Search:

If you’re not finding what you need on Craigslist or Lending Tree, then go ahead and do a quick Google search like this:

Google search: “private money lenders near me” (Your town here)

This will show you third-party companies in your area that offer small business loans.

We recommend performing a second search using the words “no credit check.” 


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