My name is Mike, and this is what it looks like to be a successful entrepreneur.

This is what it looks like to build a successful business, to be a successful business owner, and this is what it looks like to live the entrepreneur life.

Now, I’m not here to say that you’re gonna succeed.

You’re gonna fail.

You’re gonna struggle, and you’re gonna probably even have some moments where you’re gonna lose faith.

And when you lose faith, that’s when you gonna really put the business in danger. 

And I actually encourage you to fail. 

You need to fail in business.

And you need to fail fast.

Because you’re not gonna succeed without failing.

And when you fail fast, you can always get back on track, and keep working to build your business back to where it was.

But when you fail, you can never get back.

So it’s a really important part of entrepreneurship.

Now, when I was a kid when I got into entrepreneurship, I wanted to be like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or a millionaire or a multimillionaire.

You have many examples, like – Jeff Lerner who went from a broke jazz musician to $100 million in online sales, check his Twitter

So I thought, I’m gonna be an entrepreneur.

And I thought I was gonna become a millionaire.

And I would go and I would be like, “Oh, I have $1 million, I’m a millionaire.”

But the way I looked at it, my thinking was wrong.

And this is the same thing I would tell you.

If you think you’re gonna be a millionaire, you’re not.

You’re gonna be a thousandaire.

You’re gonna have a lot of money.

But that’s not gonna make you happy.

And that’s gonna cause you to make bad business decisions. 

So if you want to be successful, first of all, you have to understand who you are.

The second part of that is, you have to build a business that matches who you are.

You can’t just build a business that’s out there on its own.

You have to build a business that matches you.

And then thirdly, you have to find customers who are in that market that you match them.

And that’s why entrepreneurship is one of the best careers, the best professions there is.

Because you get to be in control. 

You get to pick what you do, where you do it.

You get to shape your own destiny.

Now, the reason I get a lot of emails and messages from people asking how they can make $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 in a month, $100,000 in a week, and on and on and on.

The way they’re thinking about it is wrong.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re not gonna succeed.

I’m not saying you’re gonna fail.

But if you do fail, that failure will change your life, and it will probably change your life a lot.

Because your business will go away.

It will not work, and you’ll be forced out of your business.

And you’ll have to start from scratch again, and it’ll take a lot longer.

And you’ll be left with all of your capital losses. 

If you wanna make more money, your business, you need to really understand what drives it.

And the only thing that drives it is you.

Now, how do you come up with an idea?

And I know it sounds like a lot of people that have been entrepreneurs, we have a really easy time coming up with ideas.

But really, ideas aren’t easy.

To really understand what’s holding you back.

Why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that, why don’t you change your business.

And really get down to the core of why you don’t wanna do it.

And then really build that into your business.

And understand that idea is a really great thing, but it’s just an idea.

And a great idea’s only worth a penny.

Now, your business is your life, and that’s a big responsibility.

And your business is all that you have because you have no income.

And so you have to protect it.

Now, here’s the secret.

The secret to building your business is to treat your business like a child.

And what you need to do is, what I encourage everyone to do is, you need to start your business as a child. 

I know that’s hard to think about, but let’s think about it like this. 

When you have a child, you have to first get the parents to agree to take care of the child.

They have to agree, you put this child first.

And you can’t just come up with a great idea and put it out there and hope that someone notices it.

That’s like giving a child the idea that they’re gonna be a famous child actor and just hope it happens.

The same thing here.

And so your parents are gonna have to say, “OK, let’s do it.”

And you have to put your own family first, and you have to put your own lifestyle first.

Now, I know there’s this temptation to look out for your kids and your family and take care of them first.

You should always take care of your family.

But if you put your business first, then your family is always gonna be taken care of.

And so what I would do is, and what I do all the time, is I don’t put anything first.

You know, I don’t put my family first.

My kids, my wife, and my kids all want me to do things that they wanna do.

And so you need to treat your business just like your family.

And you really need to understand that this is all you have.

You know, you’ve got no income at the beginning.

If you put your business first, then you’re gonna feel pretty good.

Because your business is gonna have that sense of security. 

And you’re gonna have that sense of entitlement, that you deserve to do good business.

But the bottom line is when it comes down to it, and you really have to start taking the ownership and saying, “What’s really important is, what’s gonna help my business be the best business it can be?”

Because what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna start looking out for your business, and you’ll start finding better customers.

So the best way to figure out what to do is really to just figure out what you’re gonna do to make your business the best that it can be and to not think about what your business does first, what you’re gonna do to make your business successful.

So really, you’re gonna look at it as a child.

Now, your business is gonna have a life just like a human, and your business is gonna go through some different stages.

It’s gonna start young, and it’s gonna go through the pre-teen stage, the teenage stage, the adult stage, and the old age stage.

And then your business will stop and then you have to start again.

But really, if you just understand that business is a life, and it’s not just about making money, and it’s not just about profits and loss.

You know, it’s about really being happy with what you’re doing.

And you really need to understand that it’s not gonna be easy, that you don’t know what’s gonna happen.

But your business is your life, and you really need to understand that you really need to start thinking about it as a child.

Because if you do that, I promise you, if you’re gonna do it the right way, you’re gonna be really successful.

And I don’t want to go down that road with anyone.

I mean, we’ve all got problems.

And a lot of them, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

And I’m gonna tell you, I’ve seen thousands of entrepreneurs go down.

And I’ve seen a lot of businesses go down. 

And when you lose money, you’re gonna struggle.

You’re gonna have to figure out how to make it back.

And you’re gonna have to change your business.

And your business is going to be trying to figure out, “What did I do?

What did I do?”

So I don’t want to tell anyone that I’m gonna help you make money, that’s not my job.

What I want to do is I want to tell you how to be happy, and help you build your life around what’s important to you, and that’s building a business that makes you happy.

And really being an entrepreneur, is really what I want to do. 

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